Chest Pain Left Side Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Chest Pain Left Side

chest pain

When you experience chest pain left side along with unpleasant physical sensation, you feel psychological anxiety because you naturally link the idea of chest pain with heart disorder. Your assumption is reasonable because chest pain of diverse intensity is really a symptom of heart diseases, yet it isn’t necessarily a sign of a heart attack and, therefore, the causes of chest pain left side need to be studied more profoundly.

Chest pain may originate from internal organs located in the chest area – heart, lungs, as well as from chest muscles or bones. The source of chest pain can also be spreading pain from an internal organ of the abdominal area. In this case people usually complain about pain in left side in general.

Left side chest pain commonly can be experienced as mild, dull and sharp pain. So, should you be concerned about your health state if you experience chest pains?

Stress of modern life definitely contributes to heart disorders. No wonder that people who undergo stress daily often complain about pain in the heart area. Mild chest pain left side can be caused by continuous stress and goes away after some time. As for more intensive and severe pains, they must be reported to the doctor immediately becausethey may turn out to be very serious and even life threatening.

The most widespread cause of sharp chest pain left side is pericardial catch syndrome (PCS) which is also called “texidors twinge”. This syndrome is characterized by piercing pain which is aggravated when a person breathes deeply. People mistakenly tend to take this pain for a heart attack because this pain is acute and felt in the area where the heart is located. During PCS pain doesn’t spread to other parts of the body like during a heart attack. PCS may scare a person experiencing it as any movement or activity seems to worsen the pain. Yet, immobility for some time helps to improve the situation a lot and the pain steps back. Doctors don’t believe, however, that PCS is a serious problem and so it is not perceived as a disease.

Dull chest pain left side may be a symptom of various conditions. Only a healthcare professional can diagnose an ailment precisely through a number of tests and examinations. However, some common (yet not all) disorders when this kind of pain is felt are:

  • Angina is a condition under which the cardiac muscle doesn’t obtain enough amount of oxygen from blood.
  • Heart attack is blockage in the heart’s arteries, a condition when heart doesn’t get a sufficient portion of blood and, therefore, heart experiences oxygen starvation.
  • Heart Burn which is a result of indigestion.
  • Disorders of the Esophagus, for example, when digestive juices flow backwards to the esophagus.
  • Lung Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Asthma

Chest pain left side above breast can be caused by a serious disorder as well as by a minor problem. Some of the causes are:

  • cardiovascular causes like cardiac ischemia when the heart lacks sufficient amount of oxygen;
  • muscle damage after exercising;
  • bone damage;
  • pinched nerve due to trauma or improper exercising.

Chest pain especially in the left side should be a sign of alarm for you mainly because of possible serious diseases which cause it. Chest pain is a symptom. To remove a symptom you need to take care of the underlying problem first. For this purpose certain diagnostics should be implemented. Remember, that timely diagnostics and treatment are the most important and indispensable steps taken when handling chest pain.